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A big mistake in your manifesting (don’t do this)…

This is a wonderful lesson about manifesting that I wanted to share with you.

I received this in an email from Dr. Robert Anthony…who is just an amazing Metaphysical Teacher.

Here is Dr. Robert Anthony.

Let’s say there are two people. One wants this, and the other wants
something entirely different and they live together. And so it
feels like somebody has to compromise, but nobody wants to.  But
what happens is person “A”, instead of thinking about what she
wants and focusing on it completely and making her vibration one
with it, which means the universe would deliver the ESSENCE of it
swiftly, is looking at the other person saying, “I don’t like what
you are doing”. So she is messing up her own vibrations. She is not
a vibrational match to her dream by blaming the other person for her
not having what she wants.  And usually person “B” is doing
the same thing.

Neither person is focused on what they want. Both are messing up
their vibrations by worrying about what the other one wants.
Neither person is getting what they want and both are blaming each

The truth is that you cannot do anything about what the other
person is doing, but you can clean up your vibration and when you
do, the universe will yield to you in ways that you right now
cannot even imagine. The universe will deliver the ESSENCE of what
you want. Maybe not in the way you expected, but if you know the
ESSENCE of what you want (how you want to feel and what you want to
experience after you have it) the universe will deliver that
because that is what you really want.

You don’t have to let go of your dream but you do have to identify
the ESSENCE of the dream and hold to that. In other words, when you
think about what you want and why you want it, it is easier for you
to offer that single pure vibration than when you try to identify
who is going to bring it, how it is going to come when it is going
to come, where it is going to come, etc.

When you ask those questions you split your vibration. You
don’t get what you want and then you blame the other person.
When you get to the heart of why you want something and get in
vibrational alignment with that, you will always attract the ESSENCE
of what you want.

Thank you, Dr. Anthony for your wise words.

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