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Creating Your Own Reality: Destiny or Design?

You can create your own reality. It is not necessary for you to believe that you can do that, any more that gravity is dependent upon your belief in it. A wise man by the name of Jim Rohn once told me “You’re welcome to believe that gravity doesn’t exist, but I would advise you to believe that while not standing under the big thing about to land on your head”.

In my beginning, I believe that I came to this earth to fully comprehend certain spiritual concepts in an empirical environment. That said I have created patterns in my life that illustrate faulty perceptions of these concepts. With each scenario, I have learned valuable lessons and obtained a greater level of joy and life with each challenge. Like everyone else, some lessons are more difficult to learn than others. They get way less painful, however, the more willing I get to let go of my best thinking.

I recently drug my camel shaped totem thru yet another eye of yet another needle. This side of it, I have a deeper level of trust and of possibility.  I have become aware of the amazing power of the mind and the capabilities of our vision.

I continue to be amazed at how most of us, using only 10% of our mental capacity, can accomplish the most fantastic feats. I realize that I can simply change my mind and the portrait I choose to paint of myself and completely turn my life around instantly.

I have used this talent in my life for both positive and negative. My awareness of this ability had no impact on its effectiveness. What I think and believe about myself and my world is what manifests in physical form.  Whether I am aware of the fact or not. It is a universal law. It is always true. Each time I come thru this lesson I get a deeper and a more secure level of trust with the All that Is.

I realize that “Stuff Happens” in all our lives. The miracle comes in the ability to take an honest look at the situation and our participation in it. The realization that we created the events as evidence of our miraculous ability to create our life as it unfolds. Hopefully, we learn to stay aware of the talent we have that we consciously use it to the benefit of all that our experience touches.

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About the Author Connie Anderson

I love studying the masters of The New Thought Movement and sharing my thoughts and discoveries in my writings of Metaphysics, Human Potential, and Self Evolution. Our goal is to provide information and resources that will enlighten and entertain you, while on your journey. H = Here O = On M = Mother E =Earth