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Advertising Policy

The Federal Trade Commission requires that we disclose any relationship we have between a product manufacturers and service provider when we write an article with review comments or refer a visitor to a product or service.

We are not paid reviewers. If a company or manufacturer provides a product for us to evaluate, we provide our honest opinion on their product.

If we provide a link to a product or service, we may receive a commission if you purchase the product or service via our link.

Our objective is to be truthful and forthcoming in regard to the products and services we share on our site and any compensation from such referral. As a consumer, we believe you have the right to know our relationship to products, manufacturers, and service providers. We strive to give you our best recommendations based on quality and customer service.
We earn income in three primary ways:

1.    Google Ads: Which are selected by Google Ad Choices, based upon the theme and content we provide on our site.

2.    Amazon.com Associate Referral: Providing you with easy access to products.

3.    Affiliate Marketing or Referrals: Where we make suggestions on products or services that you might purchase throughout our site. If you purchase a product through our link, we receive a commission for referring you.

Your purchase price of these products or service is not changed or increased by us receiving a commission.  We hope that you understand that this is how we derive income from the free content we provide for our site visitors.

Thank you for visiting and supporting our site. We hope you’re enriched by the information that we provide. We truly appreciate you as a site visitor. Please email me nina@metaphysicalteachers.com if you ever have any comments or concerns.

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