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Metaphysical Teacher Charles Haanel (1866 – 1949)

Charles Haanel was one of the first New Thought teachers and one of the founders of metaphysical teachings. He was a revolutionary figure in the field.

He created one of the most well-known self-help books during the establishment of metaphysical teachings, and his insights have founded the world of metaphysics as we know it today.

Charles Haanel was actually a New Thought teacher. He presented the early ideas of spiritual wholeness in his new thought teachings in order to be able to better yourself and be more successful in your life.

Mr. Haanel received a Metaphysics Psy D from the college of Divine Metaphysics, and through his teachings, it can be assumed that his classification as a New Thought teacher may actually be quite inaccurate. But, he did use New Thought teachings in his most famous work.

Charles Haanel most well-known success of them all was his book The Master Key System. This work was one of the first self-help books that were actually part of the study of metaphysics.

The Master Key System was a course in New Thought, financial success and increasing your personal health. All of these ideas were illustrated in a great work that sold an unbelievable 200,000 copies worldwide by 1933.

Mr. Haanel may have been one of the first to incorporate the ideas of the New Thought into a new type of study known as metaphysics, but many followed in the footsteps of this particular teacher. There were many more that used his concepts in a new way, highlighting your own individual power.

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