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Metaphysical Teacher Elizabeth Towne (1865-1960)

One of the other great names during this time period was a female New Thought and self-help writer named Elizabeth Towne. Elizabeth Towne (1865-1960) played a major role in the actual establishment of organizations and publications that were instrumental in the groundwork of the formation of the field of metaphysics. We honor her legacy.

Towne was a very successful writer and teacher in her time. One of her most famous works was a book entitled The Life Power and How to Use It. But, her achievements far surpassed the area of simply writing.

Towne was a member of the INTA, or the International New Thought Alliance. This organization, dedicated to spreading spiritual enlightenment and wellness to the world, is still in operation today, and has become global.

Towne founded Nautilus magazine, a publication that was dedicated to metaphysical teachings. It operated only from 1898 to 1953. She halted the publication in the event of her failing health, she was near 90 years old. Wallace D. Wattles wrote articles for Nautilus magazine.

In addition to these, she also founded the Elizabeth Towne Company, which was a publishing company that was dedicated to metaphysical and self-help books. Many books have since been published under the name of this company. Elizabeth Towne Company published the classic “The Science of Getting Rich”, Wallace D. Wattles.

During her life, Elizabeth Towne became a very important figure in the world of metaphysical teachings and the groundwork of establishing them as a recognized field in the world, especially in the writing world.

Towne has become so famous since her life that you can even see the title page of her famous work The Life Power and How to Use It in the opening of the famous metaphysical film The Secret.

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