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Metaphysical Teacher Genevieve Behrend Born 1881

The last of the great metaphysical teachers that will be presented to you is Genevieve Behrend. Genevieve Behrend was born in 1881 in France and grew up in Paris.

She is most famous for being the only personal student of the famous New Thought teacher Thomas Troward, but had her own contribution to a very different field of study.

Behrend studied with Troward for only two years, but during this time, she got enough learning in the area of New Thought to fuel a very successful career that she would have in her lifetime.

Behrend branched out from the school of New Thought. She became a very popular lecturer and practitioner of what is known as the “Mental Science.” Yes, she branched out right into metaphysics.

In 1925, she formed the School of the Builders, which played a very important role in the metaphysical field for years to come.

One of the key teachings of Genevieve Behrend liked to preach to people was the concept of “Your Invisible Power.” Originally Published in 1921 by The Elizabeth Towne Co. Inc. This is your own ability to visualize something happening and use it to transform your life into something better.

Behrend left the metaphysical world with some of the most famous writings and teachings in the field. Here is one of these: “We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers. It brings other possibilities to our observation. When we pause to think for a moment, we realize for the cosmos to exist at all, it must be the outcome of a cosmic mind.”

Bold claims like this took Thomas Troward’s only student to stardom in the field of metaphysics, and put her name down in history as a great teacher of the field. She paid quite a bit of attention to the power of the human mind and even practiced the mental science that she taught other people.

These five people have all played a very large role in the world of metaphysical teachings. These are some of the greatest metaphysical teachers in the world. They have all brought great ideas and teachings to the field and helped establish it as a real form of science.

These are just a few, and naturally there are more of these individuals out there, but these five have played the biggest roles in the field and have had the most important ideas in metaphysical teachings. These are five incredibly important metaphysical teachers, each for his or her own reason.

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