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Metaphysical Teacher Robert Collier (1885 – 1950)

“All power is from within and is therefore under our own control.” This is just one famous quotation from yet another famous figure in the world of metaphysical teachings. This man was Robert Collier.

Robert Collier was born April 19, 1885 and from that point on he changed the world of metaphysical teachings and his ideas are still used today. In fact, many of the concepts expressed in the famous film The Secret use his teachings.

Robert Collier, just as every other metaphysical teacher, did his share of writing. His great work was called The Secret of Ages, and it sold an incredible 300,000 copies worldwide.

The perceptions that Robert Collier used in his works and his teachings are commonly known as practical psychology. These incredible insights teach you how to have desire and faith in order to help you become confident and driven enough to achieve the abundance and success that you want to in your lifetime.

Robert Collier was well-known for the famous writings that he created, and many of these are still quoted today. One of his famous quotations was mentioned previously. Another incredibly famous one was as follows: “The first principle of success is desire – knowing what you want.”

There are many more of these writings created by Collier that changed the face of metaphysics and are still used today in the teachings that have become popular.

Collier was not just a teacher, either, though. He was also living proof that the ideas worked because he had himself experienced some hardships in his life. During a portion of his own life, he struggled with his own personal illness.

Robert Collier is still a very prominent figure in the world of metaphysical teachings. He changed the world with some of his writings and teachings, and his concepts are still used today in the field of metaphysics.

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