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Metaphysics in the Media

Metaphysics is not just a field of science or a mental science to be more precise. It has a great place that is steadily rising in the media as well because of the simple fact that it is interesting to people. People all over have expressed an interest in the idea of what your mind is capable of doing.

There are so many different television shows and movies that explore the power of the mind and how you can use it to do great things with your life. This article will mention just a few of the most common and most well-known ones.

Here are some of the movies that have taken the idea of metaphysics and played with it. These great movies have brought the ideas to the big screen in very different ways. They are just a few examples of movies that take metaphysical ideas and play with the power of the human mind in different ways. There are many more of these.

In this article, you will learn about the well-known children’s movies Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz, the film The Secret, the movie trilogy The Matrix and even some new television shows that are emerging.

Alice in Wonderland                             The Wizard of Oz


There are many different movies that tend to push the boundaries of the capabilities of the mind and explore ideas of association and the power of dreams. These have been made through many different years, but there are two of these that are the most famous of them all: Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz.

Both Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz are great movies that are commonly viewed as some of the best children’s movies that have been made. These are well-known and most likely you have probably already seen at least one of them.

Alice in Wonderland is the famous story of a girl named Alice who sees a white rabbit and falls into a magical place called Wonderland where she has to battle an evil queen who is bent on removing the head of anyone who happens to upset her.

This adventure is full of strange happenings, size changes and a variety of other unusual creatures. She goes through a variety of her own changes in the story as well, and some of them stick with her to the end of the story. At the end, Alice wakes up into her own world again, creating the impression that it was all a dream…or was it?

Wizard of Oz is a very similar situation. In this, the main character, Dorothy, bumps her head and is transported into a magical land called Oz where she meets an evil witch and some friends. She has to journey all the way across the land to get to a wizard in order to get back home with her little dog.

Dorothy as well as her companions go through an extensive amount of changes throughout the story. She learns a lot about herself, and they do the same about their own abilities as well. At the end, she wakes up and everyone in the land of Oz is someone she knows from her own home.

Both of these movies don’t push the realism because they frame everything that happens to them in a dream, but they experiment with the idea of what your mind is capable of at rest instead.

These lands were created in the minds of the girls as visualizations of things that were going on in their minds and their emotions. They projected images and learned things through these experiences, which were in the end, to be assumed dreams.


The Matrix

clip_image002[11]One of the most famous movies that play with consciousness and the ability of your mind to control what you can do and the world around you as well is the three-part Matrix trilogy. This movie series was an incredible hit, especially the very first movie of the trilogy.

This wonderful series about a man named Neo that takes a pill given to him by a man named Morpheus and steps out of the reality created in order to embrace reality as it really is in a long journey that will forever change his life.

In the series of these three movies, Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, learns how to use his mind to control the reality that is the Matrix. He learns to use his mind to be able to do things that he never thought that he could do.

Of course, this particular movie series takes it to a level of science fiction, but it is a great demonstration on the ability of your mind and metaphysical ideas of using this power to make changes in your world and in your life. And it didn’t hurt that the movies were incredibly popular, either.

The Secret

clip_image002[13]One of the most commonly associated movies that have been issued is actually the film that came out in 2006 called The Secret. This film featured the ideas of many of the famous metaphysical teachers that first created the field in the first place as well as some new teachings.

This film is a series of interviews related to thinking in general. Various authors and professionals discuss their views on all different types of thinking-related topics in the areas of quantum physics, psychology, metaphysics, theology, philosophy and even personal development.

The main idea of this film is that you can accomplish anything you want as long as you put your mind to it. You have the mental capacity to do just that if you just know how to use it to your benefit.

This film has become very revolutionary in the popular world as well as in the field of metaphysical studies. It has changed things in the field and put it on the map in the mainstream, making it something that is much more respected in general.



These are just a few of the great examples of metaphysics in the movies. It is obvious that this idea has a large part in today’s world. It is an idea that is interesting and is constantly being explored in the media while it is being studied in the scientific world.

There are many more movies and television shows out there that do this as well. These are not the only ones out there that explore these ideas, and probably will not be as long as the field continues to develop.

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