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A big mistake in your manifesting (don’t do this)…

The universe will deliver the ESSENCE of what
you want. Maybe not in the way you expected, but if you know the
ESSENCE of what you want (how you want to feel and what you want to
experience after you have it) the universe will deliver that
because that is what you really want.

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Using The Power Of The Mind For Success And Prosperity

You can use a variety of techniques to help you with your affirmations. One technique is auto suggestions which are specially targeted affirmations. These are posters, audio messages or visual clippings that you can surround yourself with. This way you will be thinking about your prosperity all the time. Be sure that your prosperity affirmations have only to do with you and do not try to manipulate other people’s lives, even towards apparently positive outcomes.

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Ten Powerful Inspirational Quotes and Reflections About Success

Sayings and quotes about success can have a powerful effect on you. If you take the time to think about the deeper meaning behind the words, you’ll realize how easily you can apply these sayings into your own life to achieve the success you desire.

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How To Develop A Prosperity Mindset

When you open up to new opportunities, you open up to prosperity. Stay motivated and don’t be afraid of change.

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How to Give Healthy Support to Those Going Through Tough Times

Giving people healthy support is not something that is not discussed much. I know people want to be supportive, but are just not sure how to in a way that will truly be comforting.

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14 Goal Setting Tips for the New Year

Goals give us direction. They put a powerful force into play on a universal, conscious and subconscious level.

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