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The Power Behind The Secret

clip_image00213_thumb.jpgMaybe the book and movie entitled, “The Secret” is something that you are familiar with. If you have given the recommendations a try, but did not experience great results, know that is not indicative of the book lacking merit. To gain an advantage from it, it is crucial to know what you’re really getting.

The Secret seems to work automatically for some folks who seem to have the knack of getting what they want quite often. These people always seem to win, whether they want to get a promotion at work or want to lose some weight. These individuals find The Secret works instantly. What is the reason for this?

These people are great at taking action and do not have lots of mental trash in their way. Simple visualization is enough to push them forward into full motion, and once started, they cannot be stopped.

As far as everybody else goes, if you aren’t really in the automatic category described here, you may want to take a few extra steps to help The Secret’s strategies work in your situation.

Imagine that you make the choice to lose fifty pounds. When you consider losing weight, you may feel a bit torn. Of course, it would be wonderful to feel a lot lighter. You know you would look better and feel great too. You know you would be much healthier as well.

At the same time, you have a feeling of dread. You ponder how hungry you will be and how you will have to eat food that you do not find appetizing. You obsess about all the many times you’ve been on a diet, and it’s been useless. You just can’t bear exercise, and healthy food or diet food just isn’t tasty to you.

Does this description sound familiar? If yes, just know you are not alone. Most of us face this inward conflict when thinking of making significant changes.

If the goal you’ve set isn’t a completely positive one, you’ll have difficulty achieving it unless you are extremely motivated and have a lot of willpower.

So you need to begin by naming those beliefs that keep you from what you want, and focus on replacing them with more positive thoughts. This will help to make your goal into a clear one that is in line with what you really desire.

It is also possible to utilize visualizing as a tool in this step. Continue to refine the goal till you feel completely wonderful whenever you think about it. Then you will be well-equipped to take full advantage of the power behind The Secret.

Let the Secret Work for You

Outside of The Secret, a common exercise that you may have heard about is manifesting a blue feather. The idea is just to get on with your daily life without thinking of attracting a blue feather to you within 2-7 days. This is dependent upon who provides you with the exercise.

There are a few reasons why this is actually very fascinating.

Have you ever bought a car, and then suddenly you take notice of that same vehicle everywhere? It always works. Once you’ve bought a pre-owned Subaru Forrester, it seems as if everyone else has also. You notice that they are parked on your street. You spot one at each and every stoplight.

This is your reticular activating system (RAS) in motion. Every day you get hit with so many different stimuli that it would be impossible to take note of it all. Your RAS selects what is most important to grab your attention and what will be allowed to go by unnoticed.

That’s the reason you all of a sudden see your vehicle all over the place, not because you made them appear everywhere. The feather exercise is the exact same notion. If you concentrate on finding a blue feather, you will likely notice one arriving into your life.

That’s the way that abundance along with any other goals you might want are already present. There is no magic involved in it. All you have to do is pay attention.

So The Secret actually provides you with a way to focus attention, so you’re enabled to notice the circumstances that would help you get to your goals. The Secret’s teaching of visualization will help you align your mind with your goal, so you can manifest what you desire.

Then, however, your duty is to follow through on those opportunities presented to you. You can follow through with conviction if you are totally in sync with your goal.

With just a bit of practice, you will work wonders in your life, and your much deserved dreams will be realized right at your fingertips.

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