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The Inner Factors That Control Outer Prosperity

• I am not the cause of other people’s insecurities.
• I am a resource of knowledge and opportunity.
• I represent abundance and possibility.
• I breathe easily when talking to people about money.
• I am a source of warmth.
• When I speak, people relax and listen.
• Information is valuable, and I deserve to be paid for assisting you in acquiring it.
• I support prosperity in others by allowing them to pay me.
• By receiving, I teach others to receive.
• By receiving joyfully, I foster generosity in myself and in others.
• When I say yes to being paid, I create abundance for everyone, including myself.
• My transactions are free of guilt and are always in everyone’s best interests.
• I am an embodiment of the world that I want for everyone.
• I am a resonant field of prosperity.
• All my thoughts and all my actions lead to sustainable abundance.
• I now receive money freely, safely, and with certainty.
• The money I receive is free of guilt, disapproval or threat. I can accept it openly.
• The more I receive, the more people want to give to me.
• My receiving is free of want and need. It is pure.
• Because everything changes, I know that any problem can be solved.
• I recognize abundance everywhere.
• My client’s fears are requests for support.
• I give support to others by acknowledging their creative abilities.
• I see everyone as a success.
• It is now safe for me to accept a high degree of support and approval from everyone.
• I like myself; therefore others like me.
• I meet with approval everywhere.
• I attract people who like what I have to offer.
• I am good; therefore, my money is also good.
• The richer I become, the more effectively I serve.
• Life is great, and money is useful.
• My money problems are over.
• The more I like myself the way I am, the more I am the way I want to be.
• I am here.  “Here” goes where I go.
• What I do next is called “The Future.”
• Now is when I do what I want to happen.
• It’s easy for me to do what I do.
• My old limits are gone; I am free to soar.
• I am now experiencing so much success that I no longer want to get even.
• As a winner, I associate with other winners.
• The more alive I am, the safer I am.
• Life leads to more life; there are no shadows in the light.
• It’s safe to do my work with energy.
• With each breath, I leave my worries in the dust.
• My will to succeed is stronger than my fear of failure.
• I go with the flow of my Highest Good.
• I am in harmony with myself.
• It’s easy to begin and easier to continue.
• I am like the sun; my essential function is to radiate enlightenment just by being myself.
• The inner fire that is my life energizes my words and actions.
• My power is set in motion by my purpose.
• The clearer I am about what I want, the more effective are my actions.
• I am now so relaxed and centered that any energy I encounter is immediately grounded through me and does not get stuck in my body.
• I am irresistible because I am part of a greater truth in which I move.
• If it’s easy for me, it’s right for me.
• Relax and proceed.
• My involvement makes everything easier.
• I’d rather snuggle than struggle!
• I now receive assistance and cooperation from all those people necessary to achieve my desired results.
• It is easy for me to accept gratitude from others.
• I am glad to be paid for helping others get what they want.
• People now are happy to pay me promptly and abundantly for the value

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