Metaphysical Teachers
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Metaphysical Teacher Genevieve Behrend Born 1881

The last of the great metaphysical teachers that will be presented to you is Genevieve Behrend. Genevieve Behrend was born in 1881 in France and grew up in Paris. She is most famous for being the only personal student of the famous New Thought teacher Thomas Troward, but had her own contribution to a very […]

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Metaphysical Teacher Robert Collier (1885 – 1950)

Robert Collier was born April 19, 1885, and from that point on he changed the world of metaphysical teachings and his ideas are still used today. In fact, many of the concepts expressed in the famous film The Secret use his teachings.

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Metaphysical Teacher Charles Haanel (1866 – 1949)

Charles Haanel most well-known success of them all was his book The Master Key System. This work was one of the first self-help books that were actually part of the study of metaphysics.

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Metaphysical Teacher Elizabeth Towne (1865-1960)

Towne founded Nautilus magazine, a publication that was dedicated to metaphysical teachings. It operated only from 1898 to 1953. She halted the publication in the event of her failing health. Wallace D. Wattles wrote articles for Nautilus magazine.

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A Comparison of New Thought and Metaphysics

Most people don’t actually know the difference between Metaphysics and the school of New Thought. When they hear one of these names, they assume the other and don’t really believe that they are different at all. The schools of New Thought and the field of Metaphysics are often paired together in association and assumed to […]

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Kahlil Gibran – The Poet

Khalil Gibran (6 January 1883 – 10 April 1931), Gibran was born in the town of Bsharri in the Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate, Ottoman Empire, to Khalil Gibran and Kamila Gibran. He born Gibran Khalil Gibran, and was also known as Kahlil Gibran, was a Poet, painter, writer, philosopher, theologian, visual artist.

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Creating Your Own Reality: Destiny or Design?

You can create your own reality. It is not necessary for you to believe that you can do that, any more that gravity is dependent upon your belief in it. A wise man by the name of Jim Rohn once told me “You’re welcome to believe that gravity doesn’t exist, but I would advise you to believe that while not standing under the big thing about to land on your head”.

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Can The Subconscious Mind Be Reprogrammed?

The subconscious mind has the power and ability to influence and drive the conscious mind that governs the thought process for any human being.

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The Mexican Fisherman and the Businessman

I love this story, the author is unknown. I re-read this parable and regain my clarity. Wealth is not measured by money.  An American investment banker was at the pier of a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellow fin tuna. […]

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How to Discover Why You’re Here in One Hour or Less

I think we all wonder why we’re here, do you?  After all, you were created with a unique set of passions, and gifts that no one else in the world can duplicate! Discovering your purpose in life lets you use your unique collection of feelings and abilities to bring you greater self-fulfillment. “There is one […]

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In Pursuit of Happiness

Where are you seeking happiness? Are you looking around you for someone or something to come along that makes you happy? Most of us have things right in front of us every day that could make us wildly happy if only we would let them. Could this be you? Happiness doesn’t need to be created. […]

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