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Can The Subconscious Mind Be Reprogrammed?

The Subconscious Mind What is it?

The subconscious mind is a reservoir of all the thoughts and events. The subconscious mind has the power and ability to influence and drive the conscious mind that governs the thought process for any human being. All the incidents and happenings are the result of thoughts, which the subconscious mind transmits to the conscious mind, and the actions a human being performs, are the result of the signals transmitted by the conscious mind to the body. The subconscious mind stores all the information, a human being is ever exposed to and this interacts with the conscious mind to govern its working and thinking. If the subconscious mind is primarily full of positive information, it will transmit the same positivity to the conscious mind, resulting in a changed outlook of any human being.

The infinite possibilities

The full power of the subconscious mind is unexplored to date.  Scientists claim, only 11% of the human mind is explored and utilized only acclaimed scientist such as Einstein – use more capacity of the human brain.  A normal person utilizes only 4-5% of their minds in their lifetime. The normal humans get impacted by any event or incident they come across and change their thought process accordingly; this is the work of the subconscious mind transmitting the latest received information and thoughts to the conscious mind in its working, resulting in issues for the human being. The subconscious mind can be programmed, adjusted and tuned so it only transmits positive and beneficial data for one’s well-being.

Are you there yet!

There are many ways available to tune the subconscious mind like self-affirmation i.e. self-talk and saying I am capable of achieving a certain goal and meaning it, visualization of positive thoughts, as in you have achieved your desired goal and listening to subliminal music, which diverts the line of thought on information. These practices transmit signals of positivity and invoke positive thoughts of achieving one’s desire. Apart from these, there are many more ways to control the subconscious mind. One can practice meditation i.e. the practice of detaching yourself from the outside world for some time, this enables the subconscious mind to rest and relax for some time, diverting it from its regular line of thought. One can meditate by closing the eyes and concentrating on detaching yourself from the outside world by clearing you’re mind. The other way is writing your subconscious thoughts in a flow on a piece of paper over a period of time. Do not worry about what comes to your mind. Even if it were the worst of thoughts, it would enable you to read your subconscious mind and change the thought process accordingly. Involvement in creative activities and creative thinking, like sketching, painting and clay modeling, blends the subconscious mind with creative and positive thoughts and changes the thought process accordingly. The subconscious mind can be engaged to work and process information overnight. When the conscious mind is at rest while the human is asleep, the subconscious receives no new information but the last accessed thoughts, hence achieving longer retention ability. Another way is to follow your intuition. Intuition is the first thought that crosses your mind when you think about doing something. It can be a go ahead or a back off feeling. Always believe and go along with these thoughts/ intuitions, as these are warnings or affirmations to save you from a situation or it could be a benefiting opportunity for you.  Guessing about any feeling or prospective action can develop the subconscious mind, this combined with your intuition results in developing a powerful intuition and positive subconscious mind with a positive approach. The most beneficial practice you can undertake is to develop your subconscious to believe in its ability to completely change your life, its actions, emotions and thoughts. This energizes the mind with massive positivity and thoughts, which will prove to be beneficial for you as all the positivity would be transmitted to the conscious mind. There are other alternative practices as well. By practicing these, you can get the governance of your subconscious mind and change its thoughts to more positive ones.  These practices can completely transform an individual’s life if followed and used sincerely.


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