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What Is The Mind Success Connection?

Much like the mind-body connection with which we have become so familiar in recent decades, our Mind Success Connection awakens us to the vast field of the subconscious. The human mind can achieve literally WHATEVER it can conceive.
Momentum caused by desire creates a wave, a current between the mind and our higher self. Our spirit begins to gather unto itself, the truth and infinite knowledge the brain has stored in our subconscious or what I like to call our sub-memory; a universal memory bank where all knowledge of everything is stored.
When we have a desire to achieve something, we begin to access this sub-memory and when we start to realize success, it delivers more needed information to achieve our desire/goal. We then connect with universal mind, the link between all people and resources, the grand synchronistic dance of everything in the universe. Thus, the connection between humans and the universe is made.  We believe, “The Truth is in Here”.

Nina Capelouto

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About the Author Nina Capelouto

I am passionate about learning from the pioneers of the New Thought Movement and discovering new insights into Metaphysics, Human Potential, and Self Evolution. Our goal is to provide information and resources that will enlighten and entertain you, while on your journey. H = Here O = On M = Mother E = Earth

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